Monday, May 7, 2012

Kidnap of Shinta

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Long time ago, there was a king named Rahwana. He was physically powerful King of Alengka (Ceylon), but he had no Queen. He lived with his sister, Sarphanaka.

One day, he was very angry when Sarphanaka told him that Rama, who was the King of Ayoda and his brother Laksmana, had refused to marry her Then he called his friend Maricha and said,
“Maricha, Rama and Laksmana have done something that I’ll never forget. They have refused my sister, Sarphanaka. I must thae revenge on them, and you must help me”
They thought for a while, and Maricha said “I have found a way. People say Shinta, Rama’s wife, is very beautiful and Rama loves her very much. I’ll turn myself into a beautiful deer and go near their house in the forest. I know Shinta will want the deer and ask Rama and Laksmana to catch it for her. When the two brothers have gone to get me, you can kidnap shinta”

“That’s a good plan, Maricha! No one knows you can imitate animal. Let’s do it!”
Maricha went into the forest immediately and began the plan. When Rama chased and shot him with an arrow, he cried out loudly imitating Rama’s voice. Shinta thought it was Rama who was screaming for help. She asked Laksmana, who was supposed to look after her, to go and help her husband.

When the sun went down, Rahwana, who knew that Shinta was alone, came around Shinta’s house. He was wearing a Brahmana’s clothes so that Shinta would not know him.
“who are you, beautiful Girl? Why do you stay here in this forest?”
Shinta knew that Brahmana was good men. She showed her respect to the Brahmana and told him everything about herself.
Rahwana waited no longer. “I’m not a Brahmana. I’m Rahwana, the King of Alengka; I have come to take you to be my queen!” Rahmwana laughed loudly.

Shinta was sureprised and frightened, but angrily she said, “you can never take me away from rama. He loves me and surely he will come to you to get me back!”

Rahwana caught Shinta and carried her in his chariot to Alengka. It was a magic chariot that could fly. The horses flew the chariot over the sky. Shinta cried out all the time during the flight. It was Jatayu, a big sacred bird, who first tried to release her from Rahwana’s powerful arms. They fought very long time, but Rahwana was too strong to beat, and finally the bird fell to the ground, badly hurt.

Unsuccessfully, Rama and laksmana returned home only to find that Shinta had disappeared. After for a moment searching for the wife, they found Jatayu. The sacred bird helplessly told about his failure rescuing Shinta before he finally died.

Rama and his brother prepared for a raid to Alengka. They took the troops of his country and fought Rahwana. At last, Rama’s army won the invasion after Rahwana was shot dead by Rama’s arrow.

Rama took Shinta back to his country and they lived happily ever after .
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