Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to Make Albums from Photoscape

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there are many aplications for editing your photo. but you should know this one, “Photoscape”. this is the simple aplications among the others. such as, making photo albums. you also can make the effect in your albums by giving frame provided by photoscape. do you want to know how to make albums from photoscape, just follow this step!

open your photoscape. you’ll see this picture on your screen at the first time you open your photoscape.

look at the left side. over there, you can select your directory files of your puctures. just click it.

look at the right side. you can choose the style of your albums. you also can change the border line. and, you can give frame of your picture by clicking frame.

this is the example of mine. I choosen that one.
and then you need to click ok.

the next step is dragging your picture into the style you have made. it’s automatically given effect.
finally, just save your albums to the directory you want.
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